PHILOSOPHY – Memories, strives to spread nutritional value and memorable taste every time our consumers experiences our brand.We are a consumer centric brand with an aim to deliver natural goodness, consistent quality and that memorable taste unique to the product line of Memories brand.

THE MIXTASTIC – Mixtastic is Memories’ unique art of mixing the best of ingredients together to Create a fantastic recipe that delivers a taste out of this world.

THE OVEN – The Oven Memories’ secret baking technique that preserves the natural goodness of our recipe coming out of Mixtastic. Our expertise in baking gives all the products of Memories
Their unique signature in taste.


Superior Quality – Every memory product that you enjoy is produced with the highest level of quality that can be found in our state-of-the-art production facility.

Nutritious – Memories uses only the best ingredients to ensure that with every bite, we deliver a rich and memorable experience to our consumer.